Thursday, June 4, 2009

All Ordinaries - week ending 29/5/09

The Australian All Ordinaries (XAO) closed the week 1.52% higher at 3812.30. There were three (3) positive days and two (2) negative days with the biggest move for the week occurring on Friday the 29/5/09 where the All Ordinaries closed up 1.56% higher.

The ASX 200 Financial Sector (XFJ) did not perform as well closing the week only 0.16% higher. However, the ASX 200 Materials sector outperformed the All Ordinaries closing the week 4.28% higher.

The 14 day Directional Movement System, 26 12 9 daily MACD, daily 12 9 TRIX, and the 12 day Momentum Indicators all forecast a positive week ahead for the Materials Sector.

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